Radikal Bikers


Radikal Bikers marquee, side art, control panel (it includes upper, front and side art), buttons art, package contains art in vector .pdf and a preview in .jpg.

Measures: marquee: 64 cm x 19 cm (25,2 in x 7,48 in), control panel upper: 68 cm x 34,01 cm (26,77 in x 13,39 in) control panel front: 67 cm x 13 cm (26,38 in x 5,12 in), control panel side: 35 cm x 20,5 cm (13,7795 in x 8,0709 in), sideart: 92 cm x 178 cm (36,22 in x 70,08 in), buttoms: 8 cm x 3,5 cm (3,1496 in x 1,378 in)


Additional information

Cabinet part

control panel, marquee, side art




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